Cape May 1997

When my kids were little, my three sisters and I made an effort to have a family reunion at least once a year. We found that it worked best to meet up at a vacation location we all agreed on so that we could relax and simply enjoy time together.

We did this for many years with varying degrees of success. Sometimes, old family issues would come up and intrude on the relaxation. Other times, things went well enough and we experienced the family connection we were seeking.

We took turns being in charge of organizing the reunion each year and there was one year – 1997 to be exact – when I was in charge and I learned a wonderful lesson.

A lesson that has helped me in my personal life as well as my business.

It was a special year in many ways. My daughter was heading off to Japan for a full year of high school a few days after the vacation. Our dad had experienced a lot of health issues during that time and we didn’t know how long we would have him.

I was also beginning my coach training and learning how important it was to listen. Yep, rule number one as a coach is… listen!

I decided to reach out to all the adults in the family to see what they wanted to experience on this vacation. I put together a few questions and sent them an email. I also set up phone chats with everyone so I could be sure to HEAR what they had to say.

I must admit that I had some fears going in! What if they wanted something that wasn’t possible? What if I didn’t like what they wanted? What if there were conflicting desires?

What I found, though… the lesson I walked away with was this:

Asking people what’s important to them is a magical question with no wrong answers.

Listening to what is in a person’s heart – their desires & what lights them up – is fulfilling, no matter what it is!

The outcome seems to be less important than the speaking and connection that happens when we share in this way.

The outcome, I have to tell you, was spectacular!

Everyone got at least one thing they really wanted and there was a lot of joy in experiencing things that we knew were important to others.

In my personal life, I sometimes forget this lesson. But when I remember to reach out and really listen to what people want, it seems that the Universe helps out in wondrous and magical ways to create that experience.

In my business, I have found this to be equally true. Last week, I asked for help discovering what professional coaches want in the way of support for their business success.

I was astounded and grateful at the exuberant response!

Just like the time in 1997 when I was planning that vacation, I find it fulfilling ‘as all get out’ to hear what is important to people. To have meaningful conversations where – as I listen – I hear what is in people’s hearts.

Take a moment this week to think about who you would like to connect with and find out what’s important to them.

In your business, what are you most curious about when it comes to the people you serve?

Then, as the old phone advertisement advised… reach out and touch someone!

Please drop me a note, too.

I would love to HEAR what you find out. Comment below.

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