Business Alchemy by Design

The metaphor that came to me when I thought about my new Business Alchemy by Design program was…...A Build a Bear Program for your Coaching Business ….creative, effective and done YOUR way! 

I have to admit, right off the bat before I go any further that I have never actually built a build a bear but I imagine you get to make all the choices of what your bear will be like.

Well, I think coaches should be able to do that with their unique businesses. 

I also feel compelled to admit something much more dear to my heart….. I am a self-proclaimed…because I am proclaiming it right here and now…personal growth junkie. 

I never get tired of learning & growing personally and spiritually. 

I say this to explain why I have sought so many forms of help to grow my business over the past 20 years. 

Not because I was stupid. 

Not because I was used to asking for help… hah… far from it! 

But because I have found that building a coaching business is a fulfilling challenge. 

It’s the type of challenge that I call My Mountain to Climb. 

Like people who climb mountains to test their mettle, to prove something to themselves (or others) or to push past the normal limits of life and experience the joy and thrill of playing full out. 

Running a heart-based business is not for sissies. 

It takes a lot of work and much of it is the inner game, the mindset, often faced by mountain climbers and athletes. 

One of my favorite self-help books from back in the day is The Road Less Traveled by M.Scott Peck. I was a raving fan of the book and the man for many years. 

I thought of him as a role model and was more than a bit stumped when I read that – after he had found huge success with his book – he wanted a way to keep the learning going and so his wife got an MBA. 

It really surprised me that a spiritual philosophy would need such a serious business structure to flourish. 

Now I get it! 

In all my years of learning and growing personally and as a business owner, I have kept the personal, spiritual and business growth in separate compartments. 

What I have discovered, in myself and with my clients, is that there is nothing more “spiritual” than supporting people to become their best selves in a heart-based business. My business is the “house that grew me” into the person I most wanted to be. 

It makes sense to me that the most realistic business building programs would need to include spiritual soul searching and personal growth as essential components of the curriculum. 

Without that, our limiting beliefs, fears, and tangled thinking will grow stronger, especially as we become more professionally successful. 

If left unattended, they will derail even the most successful businesses. 

Because of this, we have come up with a program that combines all three of these elements: heart & soul, business strategies and having a positive impact in the world! 

That’s a sweet spot indeed. 

Our Business Alchemy by Design program supports professional coaches in a myriad of ways. 

Here is a sneak peak at what this program delivers to those who want to access their own highest level of creativity to learn & grow on all fronts. 

It starts with a month of Design: two private coaching sessions where you put everything out on the table. Who you are, what you care about, your business vision and your biggest challenges. 

With that information, you will co-create your uniquely designed program. 

You will start off with a bang by honoring your greatest values and playing to your strengths as you are spurred into action by a compelling vision and aiming for your own Mountain to Climb

Your design might include learning new ways to use your time that are more spacious as well as effective. 

You might have a big dose of Marketing 101 or a module that elevates you onto the world’s stage. 

Perhaps you want to create a new program, learn to lead a group or simply have the best support possible to go to the next level you long to achieve. 

That is just a sample of the 24 plus modules your coach will help you choose from to craft your unique Six-Month Business Alchemy by Design program. 

Once you have your designed strategy in place, you can relax as you move into creative action. 

You will know where you’re going and the doable steps that will take you there. You know you’ll be able to choose the kind of support that works best for you.

On your menu of options are private coaching, group training, and mastermind zoom calls. Videos you can watch on your own time frame and a multitude of exercises to move you forward at the speed that aligns your soul’s purpose, your life’s activities, and proven business strategies.

Imagine how it feels to have gone to the next level with your business and to be planting your flag on that mountain you have climbed!

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is, in six months or less, to claim your next level of success in business and life.

Don’t wait. Listen with your soul. Just say yes to your success and Apply today!

All the Best, Kat

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