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Rev. Kat Knecht, CPCC, PCC, joins Dr. Bunny to discuss her book “The Soul Search” and share an amazing life story.  Rev. Kat tells us about the three different layers of The Soul Search, and the process she created to systematically search your soul.  She explains what she calls “tangled thinking” and how listening to the wisdom of your soul can help untangle your thoughts.

Is your soul instantly available?  How do you know when you’ve reached your soul? Do you need to practice soul searching? Rev. Kat answers these questions and so much more!

She also shares a very personal story about how a killer kidnapped her and her friend, at the age of 17, and held them hostage. At that very scary time, she was able to access the wisdom of her soul, take that information & use it to save herself and her friend!

This is an incredibly uplifting, inspiring & informative interview you don’t want to miss!

About Rev. Kat Knecht, CPCC, PCC:

I started my life coaching business with a passion to change the world! My vision was to empower women in their work in a way that allowed their full self-expression and feminine strengths to be utilized.

I loved this work and knew enough about business to make a living as a life and relationship coach for many years. I was also hired as a leader for the Coaches Training Institute for their business development program back in 2002. I later began leading their CoActive Certification program, a job I enjoy to this day.

I love working with these coaches and it inspired me to create programs in my own business to help women coaches with their business.

I hit an income and fulfillment ceiling and couldn’t seem to break through to the kind of business success that brought consistent income and attracted the women I most wanted to work with.

Then I had a financial crisis and I could no longer coast along. I needed to increase my income or close the doors of my business. That’s when I revisited a miracle that had saved my life many years earlier. I unpacked this miracle to finally crack the code of integrating manifesting with real-world practical tools. I was able to apply the exact manifesting formula I had used to save my life coaching business.

Within a year, I had doubled my client base and within 3 years my husband Curtis was able to quit his job and join me in our business. To expand my joy and my impact in the world, I became an ordained interfaith minister in 2016. Now I have brought it all together – my life’s lessons, my experience in business and my spiritual wisdom – to create a Business Academy that helps women coaches succeed in business in a way that fulfills their soul’s purpose.

About The Soul Search:

Thousands of self-help books and transformational training programs have been created to help you find fulfillment, live a better life and become prosperous.

The unique promise of the Soulsearch is to integrate the common threads of New Thought philosophies and Ancient Wisdom traditions so that you can apply those spiritual principles to your everyday life.

the Soulsearch is full of stories that reveal both the journey and the results that come from using a practical tool guided by a spiritual philosophy. There is a step by step process you can follow as well as a simple concept that, once learned, will change your life forever.

The stories are funny, inspirational, dramatic and rich with learning. They are the real-life experiences of humans doing their best in a world that offers both challenges and opportunities to give and receive love in its many forms.

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