Are you planning to succeed?

Are you planning to succeed… or planning to fail?

This is not a trick question! I first came across it many years ago when reading a David Bach book about money.

He posed this question along with the opinion that we humans either intentionally plan to create good stuff for ourselves or not.

Where I meet his philosophy with total agreement is with my belief that our intentions are powerful.

I also believe we are creating our lives with our thoughts, feelings and behaviors all the time.

The more intentional we are, in my opinion, the better. Creating from a Vision is number one in my success toolkit.

A vision connects you to your soul and the bigger picture of what’s important to you. I also believe in planning. In the work I do with coaches, I find it is imperative to have a business plan…. and not the kind you would take to the bank to get a loan.

The kind of plan I help coaches create is much more creative, alive and messy. It in not intended to be “one and done” and followed to a tee.

The kind of plan that really brings about a joyful life and the kind of success that is sustainable requires an ongoing engagement… with the ideas and goals in the plan as well as being able to let go of how long, what form and how many twists and turns the plan will take as it’s coming to fruition.

This is a Vision-Based Plan that I call The Navigation Creation System.

Here is an example of how a vision-based plan worked for me a few years ago.

I did my vision work and created a beautiful vision board to anchor it.

Smack dab in the middle of my vision board was an image of a Church.

The words pasted on the church were, “An Engaged Community”

Halfway through the year, I got new insight into who that community was.It turned out to be life coaches!

I rearranged my thinking and my message to align with this new insight.

By the end of the year I was working with a community of life coaches supporting them to grow their businesses.

Though this meant letting go of a dream to lead a new thought church, I was super happy. That is the main indicator of a good plan!  

Are you planning to succeed or planning to fail this year?

Your intention – whether it is overt or simply thoughts and feelings running underground – will make all the difference

If you are looking for the kind of success that makes you happy, even if it means being uncomfortable, vulnerable, or perhaps even looking like a flake to others… I encourage you to set an intention for this year.

Take time to plan!
All the Best, KAT

There is no ONE way to create your kind of plan. That is what makes it work. YOU have to do it your way! Here are some ideas to get you started.

The Navigation Creation System includes these 7 aspects:

1.Start with what you HAVE already that is working and bringing you joy. Make a list or whatever works for you to have these things front and center.

2. Know what you want to create next in your life.  The experience you want to have. The people you want to help. The results that would make your heart sing.

3. Imagine what you would like to grow in the areas already bringing you joy.

4. Look at your schedule and give yourself just the right amount of time to focus on what’s next. Not too long, not too short, the “just right” time block.

5. Spend that time exploring your life using your intuition. What information comes through that channel? What would be wildly exciting even if it seems unrealistic at this point?

6. What practical elements need to be included? Financial well-being perhaps? Healthy Habits? What do you know you need to DO to be living your best life?

7. Who do you want to BE? What is calling you forth into that greater version of wonderful YOU? Imaging being you in that way. Inhabit that imagining.

The Key to this system is to put all of this in order and then stay tuned in.

This is NOT a “one and done” kind of plan. It is messy and alive. It requires curiosity instead of attachment to outcome. It usually means being uncomfortable in new territory. It is always fulfilling when followed!

Look below for info on my upcoming retreat where I will guide coaches to create from their Vision.

If you are a coach who would like help creating your own Navigation Creation System, simply book a consultation using this link:


I am going to be helping coaches create a Vision and get started on their very own Navigation Creation System.

I invite you to join me for my first annual Vision Retreat! It will be held virtually on January 23rd from 9am – 1pm PST.

Drop me a line if you would like more info.

There is nothing like a group of coaches getting together and creating a Vision!

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