Are you MAD and want to do something about it?

Are You MAD and Want to Do Something About It?

Today, I woke up mad. 

I felt this anger as I sat down to do my morning writing. As I wrote about all the people, places and things that were pissing me off, I realized that my anger was a signal of something important. 

Years ago, I took a year-long course in 5 element acupuncture. The philosophy of this ancient science connects feelings with early elements. Anger is associated with wood and the season of spring. In spring, the wood energy helps the plants push through the ground and into the sunshine.

This teaching has helped me immensely in learning how to deal with my anger. 

It is not an emotion I have ever been comfortable with. How about you? 

I know it’s not good to stuff it. But it is also not usually a great move to express it by making other people wrong. 

So, though I am still a work in progress on this emotion, a habit I have cultivated is first to allow myself to FEEL my anger. Then, I do my best to separate the feeling from the blaming. 

Yes, I know this is not easy! 

But once again, this morning, I found that when I could look inward instead of blaming the people, places and things for my upset, I took responsibility. 

I love it when I am able to respond rather than react! 

Anger usually means there is some growing for me to do. To push through the ground and bloom in the sunshine just like those spring plants. 

Another emotion that I struggle with is fear. 

Fear can freeze me up. Fear can stop me from moving forward in the direction of something good. AND I have also learned that, like anger, fear can be a sign that there is something to pay attention to. Not a red stop light but a yellow one telling me to slow down and look around. 

I was so inspired by this topic of fear and how I and my guest, Steve Page, unpacked it in my latest podcast that I have been unafraid of my fear ever since! 

As Steve shared in our conversation, he believes fear often has something to tell you, if you just get curious. A simple inquiry for yourself. What am I afraid of? Of course, you have to be willing to hear the answer and then decipher what is wisdom and what is simply your inner critic wanting to run the show. 

Anger and fear are often tangled up together. When you tune into these often uncomfortable feelings, you will find a truth about yourself. Where you need to grow, what you need to watch out for, and what action will move you forward. 

P.S. On my next podcast, my special guest is the fabulous Christie Mann, who has deep wisdom about emotions, and my conversation with her is off-the-charts fun and enlightening! Be sure to subscribe to my podcast so you don’t miss it. 


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