A Different Kind of School

It’s back to school time and something exciting is in the air…even when the air is hot like it is here in Ojai!

There is a desire to learn something new… perhaps from all the years of childhood “back to school” conditioning. 

I do not think of September as a fresh start the way the New Year feels to me. 

It is more an opportunity to bring something that is already growing to fruition. I get a fresh head of steam after summer’s more languid energy. 

Something in me just revs up after Labor Day Weekend. Does this happen to you too? Is this the time to GO for something you care about?

It may also be because this is the harvest time of year. The time when things come to fruition and the year’s labor pays off. 

When I put those two things together, I experience a wonderful combination of eagerness to learn something new for the sake of landing something I aimed for at the beginning of the year.  

With that in mind, I am going to create a little “email mastermind school” just for you. To give you a structure to GO for what your heart desires this fall. To bring it to fruition, hit the reset button, put in the final pieces or get out the harvester and bring it home! 

For a dozen years or so, I have had a Coaching Group I call the Women’s Alchemy Circle which I think of as a feminine mastermind group. Mastermind in the sense that it generates group wisdom for the purpose of supporting each individual. 

Feminine in the way the group shares what is in their heart without always having a specific goal or project. The sharing and conversation are intended to bring new insights and wisdom from that which lies within each woman. 

Now, I am going to experiment with bringing that structure to this blog! The intention is to support YOU as you bring to fruition something important to you during this time of year… as summer officially comes to an end and fall makes her entrance. In a three email series I will be bring you…Mastermind School! 

Part One: 

The best way to bring something to fruition is to first see what you have. For the sake of linguistic ease, let’s call what you are aiming for a “project”. 

Take a look at the project you care about most.

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • What have I already accomplished?
  • What am I pleased about?
  • What is it time to cut back on or dump completely for this year?
  • What am I most passionate about?
  • What is wanting to happen next?

That last question is a little coachy-coachy, I know. In my mastermind blog, though, I’m going to be coachy-coachy and wooy-wooy… as well as practical and smart. 

That last question is one to ask yourself once you have assessed everything else. Instead of asking, “What is the next logical step?” … which is not a bad question at all. 

But I believe that there is wisdom beyond the logical just waiting to be unearthed, so the question is, “What is wanting to happen next?” and then wait to see what answer comes to you. 

Another way to get this information is to ask this question to your project… as if it were one of your playmates. 

It’s like being back in childhood when you would ask a friend, “What do you want to do next?” 

Now that you have all those answers, take one step of action that is inspiring to you. One small step in the direction that you are being pointed. 

Next week, in part two of this three-part series, we will check in on how that went and I will give you the next mastermind inspiration! 

I would love to know what your project is and where you are with it as you bring it to fruition. 

All the Best, Kat 

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