Christina McFadden - Personal Growth to Professional Mastery

Christina McFadden – Personal Growth to Professional Mastery

Join Kat Knecht and guest Christina McFadden for an inspiring conversation about the dynamic and varied world of coaching. Kat shares her journey through different coaching methodologies, from relationship coaching to spiritual guidance, highlighting the versatility and creative potential within the coaching industry. And Christina, a seasoned leadership and team coach with a rich background in organizational leadership and development, shares her insights and experiences, offering a fresh perspective on building a successful and fulfilling coaching career.

This episode is a blend of personal anecdotes, professional wisdom, and actionable advice, making it a treasure trove for coaches at any stage of their career. From the significance of being adaptable and creative in one’s approach to coaching, to practical tips on business development and personal growth, the conversation is both enlightening and engaging. Listen in for some valuable takeaways to enhance your coaching business!

In this episode, Kat and Christina talk about:

  • Versatility in Coaching: the various forms a coaching business can take, reflecting on Kat’s diverse coaching experiences and Christina’s multifaceted career.
  • Continuous Learning: how lifelong learning has an impact on coaching.
  • Adapting and Integrating New Knowledge: how to integrates new ideas and concepts into your coaching practice to keep it dynamic and relevant.
  • Creative Coaching Tools: explore innovative tools and exercises, such as using games and improvisational techniques in coaching sessions.
  • Client-Centric Approach: the importance of tailoring coaching techniques to individual client needs.
  • Business Development Strategies: business development, including networking with other coaches and leveraging collaborative opportunities.
  • Financial Aspects of Coaching: an open discussion about the income potential in coaching, breaking down barriers and setting ambitious financial goals.
  • Personal Growth and Resilience: using your personal journey, challenges and experiences to enrich your coaching practice.
  • Community and Collaboration: the power of community and collaboration among coaches, rather than viewing others as competition.
  • Practical Advice for Coaches: actionable tips for new and experienced coaches, focusing on gradual progress, authenticity, and the importance of playfulness in coaching.

Christina McFadden, M.S., CPCC, PCC, is a leadership coach, team coach and experiential facilitator. She creates an honest, playful space for clients to show up completely while giving support for taking big steps. Christina has over 20 years of experience in leadership roles and has been the number one employee at multiple startups. She also works with new coaches in their certification journey.

Christina values learning and has studied at numerous places including Oxford University, Boston University, ORSC, Strozzi, BATS improv, and Stanford University. Her studies include organizational leadership, group dynamics, organizational development, team coaching, somatics, improv, and energy work.

When she is not working from her home office in the San Francisco Bay Area with her 3 black cats, she is often traveling the world to take improv classes.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Christina’s website
Christina’s LinkedIn

Kat’s book: Evolve Your Coaching Business

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