What’s important to you about money? …and what’s important about that?

These are questions I came up with for my relationship-enhancing card deck, the Staying Engaged Conversation Cards. The question was originally intended for engaged couples who often sidestepped talking about money before they were married. It became clear to me – early on in my coaching career – that most of my clients needed to take a look …

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Your Identity @ Work

When it comes to revealing who you are…your true identity, it seems that WORK is how we usually identify people. We ask people… So what do you do? What’s your job? Where do you work? The answer to that question then becomes a central aspect of how others think of us and often how we …

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What’s Your Problem?

A couple of years ago, Curtis and I reached out to our community to do some research. We wanted to know what you all felt were your BIGGEST problems in life and business. We got a big surprise with the responses. Most of our community told us they were not problem-oriented. They didn’t think in …

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You Need Help…

It is… oh so right… that the lessons I most need to learn are the ones I teach, preach and know to be true! My husband Curtis was MY teacher this week in one of the lessons I am an expert in teaching, yet continually need to be reminded to do. We all need HELP! I don’t …

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