Your Message Matters

Last week I gave a sermon that taught me as much as I hope it gave to the congregation.

It was a message that mattered to me. It mattered because it was something that enhanced my life as well as the lives of many others.

What kind of messages matter to you?

I twirl around on Facebook a good bit. I love some messages and share them so that others might also be inspired.

Do you ever do that? Read an inspiring message that comes through your inbox, an email, a book, a magazine or a person you admire… and then pass it on?

Inspiring messages brighten my whole day!

I love getting hit by a message that stops me in my tracks and has me notice my own behavior in a new and good way.

I give thanks for these messages.

I don’t know about you, but they really matter to me!

What also matters to me is the message I write about in my book, The Soul Search. A message about putting love into action.

Speaking of love, writing this book was a labor of love… and I am now ready to expand my message into the world in a new way.

I am getting the support to do this from a wise and knowledgable woman.

One thing I have learned in my journey when it comes to putting a message out into the world and helping others to clarify their messages for public consumption is this:

When you have a message that matters you need to get help to put it into the world.

Help, support and encouragement are essential for anything that matters to be birthed.

On December 11th my book will officially launch!
And I will need your help as well.

Stay tuned for a message that will let you know how you can help make this a success.

On my Facebook live show on Dec 2nd at Noon PST, tune in to learn how my guest – Viki Winterton of Insight Publications – is helping me spread The Soul Search’s message far & wide, and how her wisdom on this topic can help you as well!

Here’s the replay from Monday’s Show.
Here is my “Black Friday Question” for you… What message do you have to bring to the world?

What message will others be grateful to receive?

Getting your message out there is important… it’s about experiencing the full expression of your soul’s wisdom in the world.

Maybe you are a professional coach looking to make your mark and highlight your business offering.

Maybe you are in a very different profession and you have a message that is delightful and important to you and you want to make sure you spread it.

Maybe you have a message you have been afraid to tell people about. You know in your heart that it’s worthy, but you fear others will judge it poorly or your insecurities keep holding you back.

Maybe you don’t know what your message is; you know it’s “in there somewhere” but you’re not sure where.

My message… the one I hope matters to you… is that your message matters no matter how grand or simple it might be.

Don’t hold it back!

As you move forward from the day of gratitude, I encourage you to give thanks by getting your message out there!

If you are a professional coach and want some help discovering your message and expressing it in the world, now’s the time to set up a free consultation.

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