How would you like to have a vision that guides you, inspires you and keeps you on track with your goals?

Our Questions for You:

Do you long to live your life from a powerful and compelling vision, but you don’t know how? 

Do you love the idea of being guided by a vision but find it challenging to create one that is inspiring and doable?

How many times have you had a vision that never saw the light of day? 

Did you know that, according to Bill Gates, most people think they can accomplish much more than is possible in one year but much less than is possible in ten years? 

One meaning to give this is that it is impossible to create an accurate vision of the future without guidance... because the mind will either create one that’s too lofty or not big enough. 

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My Aha! Moment

For years, I found myself on a see- saw when it came to using a vision to guide me. I loved the visioning process of making a vision board and dreaming up all I wanted to make happen in my life. 

Often the vision just rolled out much as I had imagined it would and that was magical!  But there were parts of it that never happened and I would get hooked by that. 

Disillusioned and disappointed, I felt like my vision was letting me down.  

I began to notice a distinction between that feeling of fear & vulnerability that had my ego all up in arms because I was heading into new territory guided by my soul’s wisdom and the feeling of “not quite right” when my soul was guiding me to correct my course.

A moment came when I realized that I needed to learn how to have a good relationship with my vision rather than be dictated by it.  

That is when I created  the process that is now the structure for this program. 

I fully vetted the past and gave my full attention to the experience my soul was longing to have now. I imagined my vision becoming a reality and set clear goals to help move me forward. With this great start I was able to stay in tune with my vision all year! 

When you have clarity on what doesn’t serve you anymore - and what is working really well - your vision will be anchored in inspiring truth.

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When you have a guide to help you tune into your soul and connect the dots to inspiring action right now, your vision will be more than just an unfulfilled dream. It will be a reality in the making. 

When you have a vision that is alive, not static, you can engage with it to keep on track and tune in for inspiration throughout the year. 

Why you should care: 

We believe that visioning is an essential practice for a fulfilling life. It unearths your hidden gold, allows you to be the co-creator of your life experience and guides you toward the success that is meaningful and delightful for your soul. 

A vision is what all great leaders have to help them manifest their dreams and move past the inevitable obstacles. 

Without it, you are just doing tasks. With it, you are always moving toward your dream, anchored in your values and living the fulfilling life that walking the path of your vision provides. 

A great vision is like a trustworthy guide on the adventure of your life.

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What the Destiny Vision Program Will Give You:

A clear understanding of where you are now in your life. 

A vision that feels alive and true to yourself. . 

A vision structure to keep you on course and inspired.

Goals that emerge organically from your vision.

Goals that include what you intend to accomplish as well as who you are and who you are becoming as a person.

A jump start 21-Day Challenge with Accountability that moves you into action right away with the support you need. 

The Logistics of the Program

Three Powerful Coaching Sessions with Kat or Curtis

The heart of your Destiny Visioning are the three private coaching sessions with Kat or Curtis (you get to choose) spaced over a few weeks' time.

The Workbook will prepare you for the first session and, from there, you and your coach will co-create the vision that serves you best. 

Set up a Free Consultation with Kat or Curtis to learn exactly how these sessions will benefit you. 

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The Destiny Vision Workbook

This twenty-page workbook will change how you experience your life. It prepares you for each session and is something you can use in many ways in the future. 

Set up a Free Consultation with Kat or Curtis to learn exactly how it will work for you. 

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Email Support & Accountability Between Sessions

You will be guided to create exactly what you need. 

Set up a Free Consultation with Kat or Curtis to learn exactly how it will work for you. 

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Bonus #1: Make Your Vision Real

A transformational process that shows you how to continually access the wisdom of your soul to keep your vision alive throughout the year.  Value: $297

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Bonus #2: Write Your Soul Driven Vision Story

A step-by-step guide to effectively tell the story of your life this year and over the next ten years. Value: $97

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Bonus #3: Accountability for Your 21-Day Goal

This Bonus will keep you on track as you immediately move into action to make your vision real Value: $ 179

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Two Ways to Invest in Your Future

$100 deposit followed by a single payment of only $497 

$100 deposit followed by three small monthly payments of $179

Isn’t it time you created a vision you love? 

Wouldn’t you like to have your vision guide you throughout the year and beyond?

Don’t let another year go by with your dreams left to chance. 

Sign up now.

What People Say About Kat

It is essential that your guide has walked the path herself.

Ab Headshot

Thank you so much for your amazing visioning partnership. Your ability to hold space for both possibility and clarity is unparalleled. I am feeling super lucky to have you in my life.

Abigail Morgan Prout, CPCC, PCC - Spiral Leadership

Make sure you are guided by a leader who matches your values.

“One thing I loved most was how I couldn’t get it wrong because the program was so well-organized. You broke it down into doable, bite-size steps with support, wisdom, knowledge and expertise. Over and over, I found clarity. Now it's a reality!”

- Jodi Bogart - Spiritual Coach and Artist

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Now Is The Time For You To Act!

Imagine it is New Years Eve 2020 and you are looking back at your Best Year Ever.

Best because it was guided by your soul.
Best because you accomplished what you set out to do.
Best because you stayed on course even through the challenges.
Best because you now have a new, empowering belief in yourself!

I know it might seem like you can do this yourself... why spend the time and money on visioning instead of just getting to work?

The truth is that it takes support, time, money and effort to do anything well... and your vision is worth it!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a vision that will guide you, inspire you and help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

This program is only available for 10 people and there are only a few spots left.

This offer ends soon so sign up now!

Your people are waiting.

Take the leap today.

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