Women's Alchemy: A Feminine Mastermind Circle

Get the high level of support you need to succeed in your business and stay true to yourself as a woman


Imagine a group of like minded women coming together each week to share resources and their own personal experiences.

A group where you are held accountable for what is most important to you... where you brainstorm new ideas and insights.

Where you experience how important it is to collaborate so that you can be nourished and thrive... individually as well as together. 

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A Feminine Mastermind Circle

The Women’s Alchemy Circle supports you as you take your business to the next level. It keeps you on the path of your heart.

It's a safe place to celebrate successes and navigate challenges. It's an experience of masterful coaching and an opportunity to bond with a tribe of amazing women.

Your will contribute your own wisdom and know the value of what you have to offer.

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Working Alone

Do You Sometimes Feel Lonely in Your Work as a Coach?

Many women coaches wear a lot of hats while running a business and being of service to their clients.

The one thing that is often missing ... which can suck the joy out of her work... is the fact she feels she has to figure everything out on her own.

She has no place to go where she can let her hair down, connect with others and still be held to a high level of consciousness.

Not only that, she puts herself LAST on the list when it comes to spending time and money on her own well being.

Are you a woman who longs to take part in a mastermind group but finds them to be too masculine?

You want to be held accountable for your actions but also for being true to your feminine nature.

You want to be supported by women and to be of support to them, but do not want to get caught up in comparisons or victim thinking?  

Do you sometimes feel exhausted, lost, or  just plain cranky?

Maybe you want to do some well earned bragging about the greatest asset your business has... YOU!

We Succeed When We Collaborate!


I have always loved the experience of being in a group of amazing women who come together around a common interest. As a little girl, it was around dolls or having adventures or putting on plays in the backyard. In my teenage years it was often BOYS or music.

When I was a young mother, I found myself feeling isolated and lonely at times. Stuck in the house with my dear little ones or exhausted from working in and out of the home. I decided to do something about it by starting a group I called “Farmer's Wives”.

At the time, I lived in Gettysburg, PA, and my husband was a fruit grower. So were many of my friends' husbands. Even those who had lawyers or doctors as spouses were invited to  join in the fun. Every Friday at 5, we would gather in one of our homes or backyards so the kids could play and we could have some grown up conversation.

We created a wonderful community that lasted many years.

When I became an entrepreneur in Los Angeles, I once again noticed the feeling of isolation, so I formed a group I called “Office Hours”. It was for people like me who had their own business but wanted company, other brains to storm and the feeling of community.

This was so valuable to me that, when I was looking to add a service to my coaching business, I got the idea of starting a women’s group. It began with a group of women focused on relationships. We met at my house... on Fridays, once again.

Some things never change!

A Feminine Mastermind Circle Is Birthed!

Hands & Feet on Grass

The Women’s Alchemy Circle was so popular that it grew to include three virtual groups of women from all over the country meeting every week.

Four years ago, I realized that my entrepreneurial clients needed their own group. I started an offshoot I called Alchemy@Work for women entrepreneurs. It was an immediate hit!

Over the years, women entrepreneurs who share a passion for doing heart-based work have gathered virtually to help each other succeed in their work and in having the full measure of joy that life offers.

Though this group is work focused it also includes spirit, laughter, love and a great big conversation that lifts everyone up. The women who have joined have told me the group experience is unlike anything they have been a part of before. The level of listening, insight, love and wisdom makes for a special group mind.

Many mastermind groups are serious and masculine. Aimed at goals that leave out the heart and soul. Women’s Alchemy is a feminine mastermind group that will support your personal and spiritual growth as well as your business success.

Imagine yourself fully participating in a powerful circle of women who are committed to being successful on their own terms and supporting each other to step into their highest selves!

What People Say About Kat

Imagine yourself participating with a group of kindred spirits. Women like you who want to bring their best to the world with a high level of support.

Jodi Headshot

I joined this circle so that I would be held accountable for bringing my gifts into the world. I knew I needed a support system so I could keep moving forward bit-by-bit. Kat has helped me step into my life in a bigger and more authentic way and for that I am deeply grateful.         - Jodi Bogart 

Finding the right path to take in your business can cause some coaches to just give up!

I now trust the process of manifesting and see that anything is possible. I can create the life and business of my dreams! Kat is Amazing! If you are ready to transform your life and business and live a life better and fuller than your deepest and wildest dreams, call Kat now!   - Merreley Donohue

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Women's Alchemy: A Feminine Mastermind Group

to brainstorm, collaborate, co-create, stay on track and be held to the highest standards with a loving and powerful group of kindred spirits. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bring into your life a high level of support so that you may grow personally, professionally and spiritually. This will allow you to bring your best to your business and it will become a full expression of your soul. 

As soon as you begin, you will join an amazing group of women, receive masterful coaching and have the best kind of accountability - the kind that keeps you true to yourself. 

Imagine what it will feel like to be traveling in the company of women who support your highest self, encourage you to do business on your own terms and cheer you on as you create a prosperous business aligned with your soul's purpose. 

You will no longer have to do it all alone.  

A Structure To Bring Out Your Best

Imagine a meeting structured in a way that invites the highest from each member. Here's how the Alchemy Circle does it: 

  • We begin with a Grounding Exercise to bring each woman present in the moment
  • Statement of the Alchemy Circle's Purpose to remind us why we're here
  • Check-In Question
  • Sharing: those who choose to have the group focus on their business and receive the "wisdom of the group" to brainstorm, plan and generate creative options
  • Kat's Laser Coaching
  • Support from the Group
  • Completion Exercise or Ritual

Group and Individual Orientation to Ensure Alignment

Each woman will participate in an individual Orientation Session with Kat to ensure that this offering is a good fit for all. There will also be periodic group orientation calls to design and redesign the partnership. 

This guarantees a high level of participation along with an alignment of purpose within the group. 

Masterful Coaching with Kat

Kat will lead the calls three times a month to coach and support you to achieve your own unique success.  She brings her brilliance, laughter and illumination to benefit the group. 

Breakthrough Coaching with Curtis

Once a month, Curtis will bring his expertise to the group so that you may address any resistance, reactivity, limiting beliefs or saboteurs that are blocking you from being who you truly are & creating the business of your dreams. 

His presence offers a supportive masculine energy that honors, listens to and works with the feminine energy of the women in the circles. 

Leadership Opportunity for Each Member

Occasionally you will have to opportunity to lead the group yourself. Each woman who so desires can step into a leadership role and shine her light for that week.  

A Safe & Courageous Space

The Women's Alchemy Circles create a unique space in the world for their participants. This space is, above all, safe... it's positive, non-judgmental, filled with joy and effective action. 

This allows you to be courageous, to let your hair down, be truly authentic, explore the risky areas and come thru the other side with great learning and joy. 

All of this is done for the sake of you building a prosperous, soul driven business that's exactly right for you. 



A Community with Pride

The community you will find yourself a member of is one that will fill you with an appreciation for yourself and others. It's one you will be proud of being a member. 

What this program is NOT

  • A Therapy Group
  • Lots of Endless Stories
  • A Place to Complain
  • Overly Goal Oriented & Focused on the Doing
  • Hierarchical & Filled with Comparisons
  • A Waste of Your Time

What this program IS

  • Collaboration with an Amazing Group of Women
  • Your Success... On Your Own Terms
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Celebrating Your Wins
  • Learning from Your Mistakes
  • Generating Love & Delight in Our Work


An Orientation Private Coaching Session with Kat 

A Yearly Visioning Session with Kat ($247 Value)

Opportunity To Add Private Coaching with Kat (Priceless!)

Now Is The Time For You To Act!

Getting the support and encouragement you need is essential for fulfilling success.

Women often are the champion of self care and support for others but are most likely the ones to neglect their own needs.

They hear a voice telling them they should be able to do this on their own. 

You need to spend your time and money on more important things! It's risky to join a group of strangers!

What if you don't fit in? What if you don't get the attention you need

That voice can be so convincingIt may be that voice of doubt sounds reasonable and even reassuring, but it will always cut you off from your own intuition and knowing.

Have you noticed how this voice always has excuses and reasons for you to doubt yourself?

You can tune in to your own wisdom and listen to that soft, strong voice of truth.

And if you know... deep in your soul... if you know that the Women’s Alchemy Circle feels right to you... then you know you really only have two choices:

  • 1

    You can continue to push your self care and need for support to the back burner and follow the voice that wants to keep you small and isolated. Doing good work but not feeling as fulfilled as you know is possible. 

  • 2

    Or, you can join the Women’s Alchemy Circle  and know that you WILL have support right now and an ongoing community with which you can enjoy the journey.

So... are you ready? I would love to have you in my tribe... there is a group of women waiting to meet you today!

To Your Success,

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Simple Payment Plan

$167 Per Month
  • Make the commitment now and you'll be forever grateful you did it.

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The Circle calls are held every week with a wonderful variety of focused coaching, opportunities for leadership and a special call to look at any challenges you would like to work through.

The calls are hosted one hour on a  Zoom line. They will be recorded should you need to miss any calls. To insure you are prepared for getting the most out of your group experience you will receive a private Get-Started session with Coaching Master Kat Knecht.  

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