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Rob Zimmerman

Mukarram Patrawala

Lisha Davidovitz


A metaphor that came up is about the national parks I love to visit. You show up and they give you a map to navigate these amazing places.

What was most helpful, really impressed me, was the map of all the modules nicely organized.

I felt comforted in this new landscape, my emergence as a coach - I have maps now... and tools and friendly faces to help me along the way.


All the templates are really well put together

I'm proud of how I defined my niche. Then I started talking to people about my membership program, maybe talked to 15 people... and 10 or 11 signed up for the program. 

And they were grateful to me for thinking of them and talking about my offer. 

I appreciate you and Curtis putting your heart & soul into this… You are 100% committed to all of us


It wasn’t just the tools. It was how to use them and why they’re important.

There is so much power knowing who you are serving and being specific. That was a huge help.

You both are so patient and generous, not just explaining what you need to do but this is why, this is what’s important. So grateful to you and Curtis for holding that space for all this magic to happen.

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