Read this excerpt from Kat's book, The Soul Search, to learn that

Love Is Not Personal

Read Kat's Story of near death and how she saved her life by connecting with her soul

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Kat’s soul searching process teaches you how to listen to your inner guidance and access the power of love. You can use this power to transform your dreams into reality.

This book is a weaving of true stories about this magical soulsearching process, which works as a creation tool, a manifesting process or an inspired planning tool.

There are many delightful stories and a step-by-step guide you can use for yourself or with your clients.

Sometimes... even when you are aware that you're listening to your inner critic and NOT your wise self... you buy into the lie.

You believe the voice that says, "you're a loser" or "you're bound to fail" and you allow it to block you in your life.

This book will get you past those blocks again and again, so you can take the steps needed to make your vision real!

The Narrative throughout the book chronicles Kat’s use of this process to build a successful business that matches her joyful life.

If you want to learn how to make confident choices, get your copy today!

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