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The Soul Driven Success Business Mentorship Program is now being offered as a six-month Private Coaching Package. It uses the curriculum described below in private sessions with Kat over a six month time period. 

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Soul Driven Business Mentorship Program

How would you like to grow into the businesswoman you've always wanted to be? If so, this Program is for you!

This program is for those who want to take their coaching business to the next level with a clear brand that expresses their soul's purpose and stands firmly on foundational business systems that will sustain it.

Would you like to grow as a businesswoman and bring your own unique offering to the world in a way that is authentic and profitable?

In this program you will do just that by learning the steps that work for a woman coach in a heart-based business.

This program is designed just for women and is focused on helping you create success within a feminine paradigm.

You may have heard that business is business and there are certain rules that pertain no matter what type of business you are in.


This is True and False!

All business have certain similarities such as marketing, sales and delivering a product or service. All businesses need to make money.

A heart based business such as coaching however has its own special qualities and quirks when it comes to marketing, sales and making clear the value of the service delivered.

The Problem

Most Coaches start off with a passion for the work they do with clients but get stuck when it comes to the business part. They either stay small, barely getting by with client referrals and a little networking.  

Others find their way by working for organizations so they don’t have to figure out the marketing stuff.

One day though it dawns on them that there is MORE they want to do with their work. They want more impact, more income, more freedom, more fun.

Does this sound like you?

Then you look for help and find that there is a lot of hype out there. Big promises that offer cookie cutter approaches that don’t fit who you are or how you want to run your coaching business.

Kat at Mic

I started my coaching career with a lot of business experience.

Working for the postal service on an executive team for many years taught me how a big business runs.

I also had helped my first husband run a fruit business for 20 years where I learned about marketing to a specific niche, pricing things well and the importance of listening to your customers.

With this experience I launched my first coaching marketing campaign which was a huge success, landing me a lucrative contract and 10 clients.

I succeeded for many years until I wanted my business to grow beyond the private sessions with one on one clients. I fell for a lot of that hype and the big promises.

I spent a lot of money and effort for very little results. Then I made an aha that changed everything for me.

I found I could take all I knew and what I had learned in all those trainings and make it work for me. It required that I trust my own intuition and instincts.

It meant I had to actually do some soul searching. I found a business coach who knew about the coaching industry. I hired a business consultant to guide me in making a big change in my work.

I wrote a book and even went to seminary and became an ordained interfaith minister.  

What happened then?

I was called to open this Academy for women coaches. I had learned that we all need Mentorship! It dawned on me I could put all my hard earned knowledge and experience to work for others.

With this in mind I created my courses to help you learn from my successes as well as my mistakes.

The Soul Driven Business Mentorship Program brings the wisdom of conventional business with a feminine, heart- centered, spiritual twist.

The Promise

We have taken the business techniques that are proven to work for women coaches and combined them with creative, spiritual and feminine know how to give you all you need to build a business platform for work you love!

In six months or less, you will have a business offering that will stand the test of time. It will come from your soul which always wants you to be expanding into greater expressions of yourself. You will learn tried and true business skills and systems that you can use in a way that works for you.

If you take all the modules offered and bring your best self forward in this program, you’ll have a business vision and be working from a creative plan that is bringing you ongoing success.

Hand with Money Tree

You will be working with the people you want to work and using the special strengths that energize you and those you touch. This will make going to work everyday fun and fulfilling.

You will get all the support you need (and more) to insure that you implement your vision!

Imagine doing the work you’ve always wanted to do... and making the money you need to support a fulfilling lifestyle… all the while hitting the sweet spot of success. Personal Joy, Professional Success and Positive Impact in the world.

Big Journeys, Small Steps

Six Modules taught in live trainings over the course of six months.   

You can take this course in a group or in private coaching sessions. Ask Kat how the private sessions work when you schedule your free consultation call.

Group Coaching and Implementation Calls led by master coach Kat where you will get individualized support and feedback and have your specific questions answered.

Group Coaching with Curtis who will be leading calls that focus on the internal challenges you are facing. Getting past the blocks that hold you back is often the difference between success and giving up!

Three... Move your Business Forward Coaching sessions with Kat

Three…. Workshoping sessions with Kat

Tools and Application

This is a Done With You program, in which we not only provide the tools and materials you need for your specific business offerings, but also the feedback and support you need to create sustainable business and marketing systems.  

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a solid business foundation and a platform you can stand on to deliver a message, attract your ideal clients and grow your business… a business that’s uniquely yours, which brings financial stability from doing work you love.

Community Support

A private Facebook community where you can ask questions of me and my team as well as receive and give support to your fellow students – and make new friends sharing the journey of business building together.

What People Say About Kat

It is essential that your guide has walked the path ahead of you so she can help you avoid the pitfalls and you can learn from someone who is not just giving you a spell but from a successful coach who has real life business experience.

Ab Headshot

Thank you so much for your amazing visioning partnership. Your ability to hold space for both possibility and clarity is unparalleled. I am feeling super lucky to have you in my life. - Abigail Morgan Prout, Creative Alliance Coaching

Learning about the aspects of business such as marketing and sales can seem far from the coaching passion of helping people and changing the world…..that is if you don’t have a leader who matches your values.

Kat is brilliant at making clear what may feel murky. She has an uncanny ability to help you reach deep inside to your wisest and most passionate, personal truths. From there your path will become clear and you will find you have a partner and guide empowering you as you bring your dreams to fruition. Kat is one of the most gifted coaches with whom I have ever worked, delivering high value and results.   - K.H.

Kat 2


Soul Driven Business Mentorship

This is your opportunity to create a successful coaching business on your own terms. In six months, you will be standing on your unique business platform ready to experience a joyous, lifelong career. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join the Soul Driven Business Mentorship Program and build a business platform that hits your unique sweet spot of business success, personal joy and having a positive impact in the world.

In 6 months or less, you will have a business model that you love and that loves you back.

Imagine yourself enjoying your work, having the impact you long for and earning a good income... knowing you are standing on the foundation that will grow and flourish your coaching business as a lifelong career.

Here is a brief outline of the six modules of this program.

You Are A Genius!

You are clear on your bigger vision and the goals for your business this year. You know how to use your strengths and utilize your greatest assets. You are aware of the fears  that naturally show up when going for your dream.

Feminine Power at Work

You now have the right rocket fuel and guidance system to move forward from a place of spiritual and feminine power. You have created a schedule for your work and play that relaxes you. You know the help you need and how to get it .

Calling In Your Tribe

You know the exact group of people who most want what you offer. They are already reaching into their pockets to pay for your product or service. You feel called forth to overcome the inner challenges that have held you back in the past.

All The World's A Stage

You have a personal story that connects your message to your niche.  It adds vulnerability and credibility to your brand. Your Brand has been aligned with you and your message and you have chosen a marketing path.

Sustainable Success (with a touch of Sass)

You have added structure to your business and brought in the systems you need to go to the next level. You understand the financial cycle you can follow to create sustainable income flow.

A Platform of Your Own

You have chosen a business model that works with your product and aligns with your soul. You are engaging in the marketplace on your business platform! 

What this program is NOT

  • A get rich quick program that promises the world
  • A program that will magically let you leap over the learning and growing needed to have a sustainable business
  • Designed to be a lot of work that doesn’t relate to running your business
  • One that expects you can make your dream happen by watching videos or accumulating information that you don’t know how to implement

What this program IS

  • A step by step program where you are expertly guided and are able to learn at your own pace
  • A comprehensive business building program specifically for coaches which includes the exact elements needed for this profession and leaves out the rest
  • A program that will give you a platform from which to build your business
  • A program that will teach you systems you can use to iterate your way to soul driven success you deserve.


A Variety of Experts in the areas you need them most!

  • Branding and Social Media
  • Video Presentation
  • Speaking
  • Even an image coach and stylist who will help you look great in your headshot and videos!
  • There will be a monthly Tech & Logistics call for those who need guidance in choosing online systems or have website questions…
  • And so much more….

Now Is The Time For You To Act!

Woman Joy with Sun

This is just what you have been looking for!

There are a lot of programs out there that make big promises. You might be feeling that gut twisting feeling of uncertainty that makes it tempting to just do nothing.

That feeling shuts down access to your soul's wisdom and you may be hearing a voice that says, 

It’s better to do nothing than risk wasting time, money or... heaven forbid... making a mistake!

It might be better to just keep plugging away on your own then to take yet another training course!

Have you noticed that there are always reasons you shouldn’t take action now. All the risks of time, money and effort. The fear that it might be too much work,  take too much time and then it probably won’t work anyway.

But your business vision is worth more than that.

This is the moment... listen to that voice deep in your soul that is rooting for you to make a confident choice for your dream.

  • 1

    You can give in to the fears that cause you to doubt yourself and postpone committing to your dream. You can delay creating your unique business success the way you have imagined it could be.

  • 2

    Or you can join the Soul Driven Business Mentorship Program and know that in six short months, with step-by-step guidance all the way, you WILL have a prosperous business model that makes your heart sing.

So... are you ready to be a bold feminine business woman who is smart enough to get the help you need? Are you ready to step into your greatness today?

Your people are waiting for you to take action now.

To Your Success,

Kat Headshot Sassy


This is a new offering.

Call Kat for the Current Pricing

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  • One payment per month for six months

Call Kat for the Current Pricing

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  • One single payment

Sign up now for this comprehensive step by step program designed just for women. Just for your coaching business. In 6 months or less, you will be able to feel confident in your future in business.

Choose between 6 monthly payments of $397 each or one low single payment of $1997

The mentorship course will include a variety of group coaching calls on Zoom that will be recorded should you need to miss any.

There will be materials, exercises and more to keep you focused on building your ideal platform and way of working that suits your style.  

To insure you succeed in launching your program you will also receive three mentorship private coaching sessions and three “Get It Done” sessions!

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