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It's Easy To Get Overwhelmed

... Are Any of These Feelings Familiar?

 I'm struggling to make it on my own. 

There are so many coaches our there and I don't know how to distinguish myself. 

I loved my coach training but business is not going as well as I had hoped.

I don't know who to turn to.

I don't know who to trust... and am afraid of being taken advantage of.

I'm just overwhelmed thinking of all I have to do to make money at this profession.

I'm really afraid I'll have to be "salesy" and I don't want to do that.



The Joy (and Challenges) of Creating a Successful Coaching Business

Like you , we were called to the profession by a burning desire to have meaningful work that was both prosperous and changed people's lives.

There were so many things that we didn't know and - worst of all - we thought we should know... so we tried to figure it out  by ourselves.

We had no clue about what it took to evolve through the different phases or levels of a business... from the beginning when we were in our coach training through startup to being sought after as authorities in our field.


There came a point where we both got day jobs and flirted with thoughts of giving up. 

The big shift came when we stopped and  listened to our inner guidance and realized that we needed a higher level of  help! 

We found some good help and some so-so help and some not-so-helpful help. However, by staying tuned into our inner guidance and taking responsibility for using what was valuable and leaving what wasn't, we grew slowly and steadily. 

Over time, we gradually learned more and more about what worked for us and how to iterate our way through the stages of a coaching business.

We grew our business. We discovered that growing a coaching business required personal and spiritual growth as well as business knowhow.  

We reached the level of success we had been seeking and then a new iteration of our business was born - Soul Driven Success, an academy for professional coaches. 

We brought together all we had learned and all that we wished someone had offered us in a program to help coaches grow a business with the support they need to fill in the gaps, the guidance that will help them listen to their own wisdom and the community in which to enjoy the journey with kindred spirits. 

From this integration came our primary offer, Your Coaching Business by Design. 

How "Your Coaching Business by Design" Will Help You

This program will help you define and hone a business model, niche, message, marketing activities and growth strategies in a way that's tailored just for you.

Here's what we have discovered in our 20 years of being coaches, running a successful coaching business and training coaches for CTI:

When you do work that comes from your heart, your business structure is more important than in other businesses. This is not selling apples or widgets. You're selling a transformational experience guided by your skills. 

Our All Inclusive Membership Program offers individualized help, which is why we call our program "by Design".

There is only one size that fits you, and it doesn't fit anyone else. 

We support you to create your unique coaching business by designing, with you, the exact path you need to follow to get the results you want. We have over two dozen modules from which you will choose the ones to chart your course.  

Here's What You Get From the Program

You have a step-by-step plan to create a sustainable coaching business.

Your time, money & effort are focused only on what your business needs.

You have learned to create and grow a prosperous business that aligns with your core values

You are part of a fabulous community of coaches that supports you and your business's growth. 

You are confident in your authentic marketing & sales systems. 

You've expanded your coaching business to include group programs and other specializations. 

You feel satisfied and fulfilled with how your business and your life are going.

Your Journey Begins Here

Become a Member of a Coaching Community on a Unique Journey of Prosperity in Our Premier Program: Your Coaching Business by Design.

All-Inclusive Membership @ $2997 or $500/Month for 6 Months

12 Private Coaching Sessions over 6 months

One Year of Basic Membership

Training Calls Twice/Month

Weekly Mastermind Calls

Private Facebook Group

Access by Rx to 24 Modules 100 Worksheets

Use Our Materials with Your Clients

Personal Genie Chats with Curtis

Basic Membership @ $79/month

Training Calls and Webinars

Weekly Mastermind Calls

Private Facebook Group

Access by Rx to 24 Modules 100 Worksheets

Use Our Materials with Your Clients

Personal Genie Chats with Curtis


Certification Journey Membership @ $2400 or $400/Month for 6 Months

12 Private Coaching Sessions over 6 months

One Year of Basic Membership

Training Calls Twice/Month

Weekly Mastermind Calls

Private Facebook Group

Access by Rx to 24 Modules 100 Worksheets

8 Modules Specifically for Certification Students

Use Our Materials with Your Clients

Personal Genie Chats with Curtis

For those of you who are currently enrolled or plan to enter CTI's Certification Program, we offer a special Certification Mentorship Program at a discounted cost.

In this program, you will design with your coach exactly how the coaching will support you in your CoActive training and the membership program can support you to begin the journey to a sustainable and fulfilling coaching business.

Pricing For Your Coaching Business by Design

It's a Simple Choice:

A Single Payment of $2997 or 6 Monthly Payments of $500/Month

That's the Cost for Your First Year of Membership. After That, You Are Eligible to Remain a Member for as Long as You Want at $79/Month.

This keeps you in the community, licensed to use all the materials with your clients and all the benefits therein.

Contact us today to take advantage of these low rates!

Imagine you can now enjoy the journey of building your business no matter what stage you are in. It is so freeing to know have all the support you need to go to the next level. You have the exact guidance you need for your unique business and one that allows you to stay true to yourself. Yippee!

Learn How Your Coaching Business by Design Helped These Coaches

Rob Zimmerman

Mukarram Patrawala

Lisha Davidovitz

A metaphor that came up is about the national parks I love to visit. You show up and they give you a map to navigate these amazing places.

What was most helpful, really impressed me, was the map of all the modules nicely organized.

I felt comforted in this new landscape, my emergence as a coach - I have maps now... and tools and friendly faces to help me along the way.

 All the templates are really well put together

I'm proud of how I defined my niche. Then I started talking to people about my membership program, maybe talked to 15 people... and 10 or 11 signed up for the program. 

And they were grateful to me for thinking of them and talking about my offer. 

I appreciate you and Curtis putting your heart & soul into this… You are 100% committed to all of us

It wasn’t just the tools. It was how to use them and why they’re important.

There is so much power knowing who you are serving and being specific. That was a huge help.

You both are so patient and generous, not just explaining what you need to do but this is why, this is what’s important. So grateful to you and Curtis for holding that space for all this magic to happen.

Look Inside the Membership Site of

Your Coaching Business by Design

Below are some screenshots of the Modules in the Program, divided into the Four Pillars of Soul Driven Success: 

  • Conscious Marketing & Sales
  • Coaching Specializations
  • Soulwork
  • Entrepreneurial Habits

We invite you to take advantage of our Free Membership option right now. Take a look around. Kick the wheels to see if it resonates with you. 

There are some great free trainings that will benefit any coaching business. 

Conscious M&S
Free Trainings

Now Is The Time For You To Act!

Imagine waking up every workday morning with joy.

This is the result of you having created a business that is in integrity with your highest values, one that is guided by your soul and is financially stable.

Your coaching business is sustainable and prosperous. 

You are working with exactly the people you love achieving the results that they love. 

You know what you are doing and have a flexibility that dances with the marketplace while remaining true to who you are. 

I know this might seem like a pipe dream.

You may wonder if you will get the specific help you need for your ideal business.

You might be afraid of wasting your time or money because you have had disappointments in the past.

That voice is your ego which - unlike your soul - just wants to keep you safe and small.

When you look in your own soul you will find the guidance you seek. That voice is telling you to go for it!

Your people are waiting.

Take the leap today.

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