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Imagine having a business that aligns your soul’s purpose with proven business strategies that help you succeed at the work you love!

The Promise...

True success at a business you love is a quest worth pursuing… one that calls you to be your highest self. This kind of success is not only possible but probable when you listen to your soul while engaging with the realities of business.

Your soul is always egging you on to shine your light and take risks. Those risks include moving into unknown territory. In your pursuit of a successful coaching business, you need to learn how to market and sell a very personal service which can be daunting.

It’s also one of the most fulfilling ways I know to fully express who you are and be of service to others. What could be better than that!

The Soul Driven Success way will bring your soul’s wisdom to the surface so you will not only succeed in ways you hadn’t imagined, you will be inspiring people toward their highest good every step of the way.

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Do Any of These Sound Like You?

You are in coach training and need support to grow as a coach as well as guidance on how to create a truly successful business. 

You are a new coach and feeling a bit lost when it comes to the business side of coaching.

You have been a coach for a while, maybe a long time, and have hit a wall in your joy or business growth (or both).

Read On to See how I Navigated Similar Waters!


I was on a coach training call, sitting in my living room and staring out the window when I noticed a knot in my stomach. It grew in intensity as I listened to the instructor do a demo coaching.

I longed to be just like her! Yet I was afraid I would never be that good or able to make this my career as she had.

After that call I made a commitment to myself. I would study, learn, practice, fail and get back up again and do it all over again until I succeeded. Whatever it took.

I had many iterations of success in business before I entered the coaching world, both in corporations and small business. Nothing had prepared me for the fulfillment that came with living my soul’s purpose - helping people and making a living from something I loved so much.

I hit many a wall during the first 5 years of work as a coach before I learned the ropes of running a heart-based business. My failures outnumbered my successes... but, luckily, I had enough success to keep going until I reached my goal of having a good career as a coach.

On the day I was hired by the Coaches Training Institute to be a Certification Program Leader, I remembered that long-ago knot in my stomach! I realized that I had achieved that dream and now I was the one doing the demo coaching.

I saw how my commitment on that day had led me to hire many coaches and consultants to help me become a masterful coach and successful business woman.

I took multiple trainings and hired people to help me with the logistics of this business.

I learned, over the years, that having help was a requirement and the better the support, the more likely the success.

Over time, I reached the level of success I had aimed for at the beginning.

Happy... yes… and yet, I found another iteration of success was urging my soul forward. I went to seminary, wrote a book and then took some time to integrate all I had learned over the years.

The Soul Driven Success Academy was born from my desire to offer my expertise to the coaching community that has been my home for almost 20 years. I believe that coaches are a positive force for change in the world and I want to support that fully.

I look, now, at the commitment I made to myself all those years ago. I remember what it took for me to succeed. It thrills me to be able to integrate what I’ve learned about proven business strategies AND spiritual and personal growth processes.

I know that both are essential ingredients of soul driven success. I’m proud to be able to teach this to coaches in a way I believe will nourish their souls and bring financial prosperity to their business.

How These Private Coaching Packages Will Help You

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Each of Kat's packages offers an integration of personal growth, spiritual tools, practical business wisdom and application with solid support to implement and make your business sustainable for a long time to come.

There are four paths available to you, each with a unique focus and result. 

For coaches in training, Kat's Mentor Coaching will give you exactly what you need to make the most of your training so that you will graduate with confidence in your coaching skills and a clear path to creating a successful, soul driven business. 

For those who want to add group coaching to their current coaching business, the Art & Science of Group Coaching is your ticket to a fulfilling and profitable skillset. This is a six month curriculum that Kat offers privately as well as for groups. 

If your desire is to create a solid platform on which your business can proudly and prosperously stand, then the six month program, SDS Business Mentorship Program will benefit you the most. Kat will guide you through the curriculum personally.

Finally, for those of you who have already completed one of Kat's programs or coaching packages, and would like ongoing support, the fourth choice is an excellent one. 

Kat's Private Coaching Packages

There are four ways you can benefit from Kat's Private Coaching.

To learn more about each of these programs, please click the dropdown arrows in the section below.

Mentor Coaching for Coaches in Training

Set up a Free Consultation with Kat to learn exactly how you will benefit from this package. 

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The Art & Science of Group Coaching


This program is now being offered as a six-month private coaching package. Kat will personally guide you through the curriculum. 

Please call Kat to learn how the curriculum, duration and pricing are different from what's described on the website. However, please read the website description of the program to learn how valuable it is. 

Link to the web page description.

Schedule your call with Kat here. 

SDS Business Building Mentorship


This program is now being offered as a six-month private coaching package. Kat will personally guide you through the curriculum. 

Please call Kat to learn how the curriculum, duration and pricing are different from what's described on the web page. However, please read the web page description of the program to learn how it could be valuable for you. 

Link to the web page description

Schedule your call with Kat here. 

Ongoing Support Coaching

For people who've graduated or are currently enrolled in one of our programs, here's the link to schedule a call with Kat to talk about ongoing private coaching support. 

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For Mentor or Ongoing Support Coaching

  1. Three 45-minute sessions per month for $500/month
  2. Two 45-minute sessions per month for $350/month

All packages are subscription-based and include:

  • One on one sessions
  • Life changing materials
  • Membership in our community

These sessions will take place on Zoom, phone or in person, depending on your preference, and are billed monthly & automatically via credit card.

If You're a New Client

There is an initial six-month commitment to insure that your investment in time, energy and money gets the results you are seeking.

After six months, you can purchase three-month packages ongoing.

Current Clients & Clients Who Have Completed a Program or Private Coaching Package

Current clients can always purchase an extra session for $175. Clients who have completed a program or coaching package can buy private coaching subscriptions in three-month intervals and are eligible for a subscription that includes one session/month @ $200/month.

All Private Coaching and Program Clients


Monthly hour-long Zoom calls covering soul driven success business development

Inspiring and Useful Training Videos

“Keep the Momentum Going” downloadable Exercises

Membership in our Private Facebook Community Page

Schedule a Call with Kat to Learn About Her Private Offerings of The Art & Science of Group Coaching and the SDS Business Mentorship Program

The Art & Science of Group Coaching and the SDS Business Mentorship Program are now being offered as six-month Private Coaching Packages.

This is a new offering that uses the curriculum of each program in private sessions with Kat over a six month time period. Take a look at the course pages to discover just how you can benefit from each. 

The Art & Science of Group Coaching page

The SDS Business Mentorship page

Schedule your call with Kat to learn all about it! 

What People Say About Kat

It is essential that your guide has walked the path ahead of you so she can help you avoid the pitfalls and you can learn from a successful coach who has real life business experience.

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Thank you so much for your amazing visioning partnership. Your ability to hold space for both possibility and clarity is unparalleled. I am feeling super lucky to have you in my life. - Abigail Morgan Prout, Creative Alliance Coaching

Learning about the aspects of business such as marketing and sales can seem far from the coaching passion of helping people and changing the world…..that is if you don’t have a leader who matches your values.

Kat is brilliant at making clear what may feel murky. She has an uncanny ability to help you reach deep inside to your wisest and most passionate, personal truths. From there your path will become clear and you will find you have a partner and guide empowering you as you bring your dreams to fruition. Kat is one of the most gifted coaches with whom I have ever worked, delivering high value and results.   - K.H.

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Now Is The Time For You To Act!

Imagine waking up every workday morning with joy.

Your joy is the result of  having a business that is in integrity with your highest values, one that is guided by your soul and is financially stable.

I know this might seem like a pipe dream.

You may wonder if you will get the specific help you need for your ideal business. You might be afraid of wasting your time or money because you have had disappointment in the past.

That voice is your ego which - unlike your soul - just wants to keep you safe and small.

When you look in your own soul you will find the guidance you seek. That voice is telling you to go for it!

Your people are waiting.

Take the leap today.

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