Group Coaching Masterclass


When you add a group coaching offer to your business it will help to grow your business and add a much-valued experience to the people you most want to help! 

Starting a group coaching program or adding any type of group into your business is exciting but it can be overwhelming to know where to start. 

You might have some great ideas about what type of group but be unsure about the marketing or exactly how to lead this type of group. 

You might be confident in your leadership but uncertain of the marketing.

Or perhaps you simply don’t know what you don’t know about the options that are available with this kind of offering.

Whatever your situation, this Group Coaching Masterclass program has all you need to put your group coaching offer into the marketplace in 2 months' time! 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a coaching program in 2 months so you can take your coaching business to the next level and have the impact and income you desire. 

At the end of this Masterclass, you will have a complete group coaching program ready to offer to the public that will consistently grow your business and your income. 

I will walk you through all the steps necessary to create your offer, teach you the most important elements to consider in your content structure as well as the leadership that makes for a great group coaching experience.  


Your Success Starts Here

You will learn the two most profitable and popular types of group coaching. 

You will discover the answers to these key questions:

What are the benefits of each type and how do you choose?

Which type best matches your style?

Which will be most profitable and right for your unique business? 

What’s the best way to align your group coaching offer with your other services?


Grow Your Business

You’ll learn to identify the niche that you most want to work with and deliver your group coaching program.

You will discover the answers to these key questions:

What specific problem will participating in your group coaching program solve?

What specific circumstances will trigger your ideal client to reach in their pocket and pay to have that problem solved? 

What topic will best contribute to the growth of your ideal participant AND your coaching business?

What’s the clearest and shortest path to reach your ideal client and fill your group?


Structure and Content Made Simple

Discover the best structure for process-based groups 

Learn the 5 steps of content creation for curriculum-based groups 

Structure your group so that your content delivers on your promise 


Group Leadership Mastery

Create an interactive group

Facilitate experiential elements

Set a context that makes it easy for people to engage


Your Group Coaching Offer

Craft your group coaching offer

Determine your group coaching price, time frame and options that are attractive to your target audience

Set a date within a month (!!!) on which you’ll offer this to the marketplace! 


Put It Together and Go!

Finally, you will craft a message that promotes your offer in an email or on your website. This statement will integrate the work you have done in this class into one compelling marketing statement! 

Hey, there! I'm Kat, Co-Founder of Soul Driven Success.

I love the coaching profession and knew enough about being an entrepreneur to make a living at it when I began my training in 2000.

I was hired as a leader for the Coaches Training Institute for their business development program back in 2002. I have lead their CoActive Certification program since 2009, and currently am on the faculty as a leader for their core curriculum.

Working with CTI students as well as seasoned coaches has inspired me to support this profession by developing programs to help coaches create soul driven success... to be true to themselves while becoming prosperous in their coaching businesses.

I'd love to support you.

Email to learn when the next Group Coaching Masterclass will be offered. 

The Logistics of This Class

We begin with a visualization to create a vision for your group coaching program, discover your marketing values and start creating your program. 

Then we'll continue the learning with 6 live trainings on Zoom where we will cover each week’s topic, answer questions, and engage and learn from other coaches. Classes will be recorded in case you can’t make them all.

There is a myriad of trainings that include worksheets, templates, and step-by-step instructions you will have access to.

Weekly assignments and accountability to move you forward. 

Three months of Weekly Mastermind Group Calls if you want more personal attention from Kat to keep you on track with your assignments. 

To ensure you succeed in launching your group program you will also receive a private session with Group Coaching Master Class creator Kat Knecht.  

What this IS ...

  • You will learn one way to position your business in the marketplace 
  • You will craft a one-to-few offering
  • Learn what Works in person or online
  • Learn how to facilitate a group confidently 
  • Have a program ready to go by the end of the program 

What this is NOT ...

  • Learning how to fill a big workshop with 100s of people
  • A GREAT BIG program that will take a huge amount of work
  • Requires that you have a big list or thousands of followers

This is the very best time I have ever seen to add a group coaching offer to your business. 

Imagine how good it will feel to have the support and fun of working with a group of coaches who will cheer you on in your success. 

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