Curtis Knecht LMFT, PCC


Curtis Knecht, LMFT, CPCC, PCC

I have worked as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist since 1978. In 2000, I added Relationship, Life & Executive Coaching into the mix.

For the past two decades I have integrated these two modalities, along with a healthy dose of neurobiology, Gottman couples work and Buddhist psychology. 

The integration of these mindsets & disciplines has resulted in a creative and powerful approach that achieves the results my clients want. 

The work we do together is surprisingly effective and quite fun. 

I've learned a lot about what some call "trouble", "problems" or "challenges". For me, these are powerful life energies that motivate us to learn and grow. 

I believe they are "mountains to climb" rather than forces that defeat us. The gifts they bring include:

  • A deepening of our self-awareness & self-management skills
  • A reminder that we are always the co-creators of our lives
  • We get to learn and grow in new & healthy ways
  • We cultivate self-compassion and a love for ourselves exactly as we are
  • A relaxed laughter at our common humanity
  • We know and speak the truth and it sets us free

My passion is finding the “sweet spot” of healing that empowers you to choose healthy and fulfilling ways of being.

I'm referring to ways of being that are unique to who you are, what you love doing and how you go about doing whatever it is you love to do. 

I use humor, fierce love, self-awareness, homework, accountability and lots of expertise gleaned from a lifetime of experience... to support my clients as they heal, learn & grow.

I offer this work to individuals, couples, families, adolescents and children. 

What I Believe to Be True

I believe everything has meaning... whether we know the meaning or not

I believe in not taking myself too seriously 

I believe each of us is creative, resourceful and whole

I believe we're always doing the best we can

I believe that the success or failure of this work depends on what the client is willing to do

I believe in compassion, a sense of humor and truthful conversations

I believe that self-love, laughter & forgiveness are essential elements of a fulfilled life

I believe we are co-creators of much of our suffering

I believe we are co-creators of all of our healing

I believe the world is crying out for each of us to live our unique lives fully expressed

I believe the time and the opportunity to do that... is now

I believe in holding it all lightly & with kindness

The Logistics & Cost of the Work I Do

  • I ask for an initial commitment of at least three months.
  • You'd subscribe to either 3 sessions/month at $500/mo or 2 sessions/month at $350/month.
  • Single Session are $175.
  • We'll design exactly how we'll work together and the results you want to get from the work.
  • My sessions are an hour long.
  • I do most of my work by phone.
  • I also meet with clients in person at our lovely office in Ojai.
  • I usually assign "homework" between sessions.
  • I am not an insurance company provider.
  • I will, however, fill out super bills that you can submit to your insurance company.
  • I have a lot of fun doing this work, even during the difficult times.
  • I welcome your questions, thoughts and conversation... call me.

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